• Gulshan & Mohammed Ceremony

    Todays elopement comes with a tissue warning. Gulshan and Mohammed's story is one heart wrenching love, but with an incredibly happy ending.

    They chose the gorgeous city of Leicester to say their vows, and their simple but stylish day is full to bursting with emotion and intimacy, all captured beautifully.

    My words to our photographer, after receiving our photos, “We can’t thank you enough for helping us celebrate this special day! These photos are amazing, and I really can’t imagine them being any better! I am so lucky to have found you! You helped make our day so very special, and now we will have these photos forever to help us remember this special day! It’s so wonderful. I couldn’t have picked anyone better to take our photos!
  • "It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter, that's why we don’t shoot what it looks like. We Shoot what it feels like."



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