• Newborn Baby Photography Guide

    First Congratulations to becoming parents! It is one of the biggest gifts on this planet – so enjoy it!

    Being a parent myself, I know how little, fragile and beautiful newborns are. I also know that they can be challenging! ...but I love working with them anyway!

    Planning and preparing for a newborn photo session can be confusing, especially if you are a new parent. You probably have a million questions about how a newborn session works.

    • When should we schedule the newborn photography session?  
    • When is the best time to do the newborn session?  
    • When do I schedule the session?  
    • Where should we have the session?  
    • Will the baby get cold during the session?  
    • Will the baby be awake or asleep during the photo session?  
    • What if the baby gets hungry during the session?  
    • What should we wear for the photo session?  
    • Can we use props during the session? 

    To help you, I have compiled a few tips to help us get the best out of your upcoming newborn session!


    We recommend that parents schedule their newborn sessions before the baby arrives to make sure they have a spot on our calendar!  Contact us during your first or second trimester and we can mark you down. We prefer to book a date 5 to 7 days after your due date. We know that most babies do not arrive on that date, but it gives us an idea of when the session will actually happen. Put our name and number on the official “baby is here” call list and we can make arrangements for a time for the session.

    Arrival Day
    Newborn sessions must be scheduled within the first 14 days of life. Though, the best time is between 4-7 days after their arrival. Babies tend to do better in the sessions within the first 7 days of their life because they sleep most of the time. The more they sleep the easier it is for us to move them around into the sweet sleepy newborn poses. Keep in mind that colic and baby acne starts to appear around 14 days. Let’s see that little bundle early!

    There are several locations your newborn session can take place. Many newborn sessions take place in your home. Don’t be worried if your house is a mess; we understand that you JUST had a baby! You probably have dishes in the sink, baby items all over the living room and dirty clothes piled up. We will work on everything. We love taking family photos of mom & dad’s bed, so make the bed. We also love shooting in the nursery, especially if it is beautifully decorated.

    If the weather is warm, your session can take place outdoors. We can use the cute buckets, blankets and capture a nature background!

    If you are only looking for just newborn shots and no family, you are welcome into my home for photos!

    Displaying Your Images
    Think about where you want to display your images. Do you want them hanging on the nursery walls? Will they be in frames in the living room? Will they be displayed in a collage of photos on the stairway wall? Let us know so we can shoot specifically for your ideas. It will also help us know if there are specific colors we should be using to fit the style of your home……this leads us to plan for props.

    What to Wear
    You just had a baby, so pamper yourself! Feel free to get your hair, nails, and makeup done; or even have someone come to you! Go get a massage to help you feel and look super relaxed. Keep your clothing simple.

    Parents are the most important “props” babily has. Mom should feel beautiful. We suggest short or long sleeves to flatter. Light colored, solid tops. Long dress with a light pattern of whimsy and softness. The significant other can wear a solid shirt complimentary to mom’s color. A subtle pattern on the shirt can add interest, like a striped button down.
    Siblings should be in solid, neutral colors (cream, white, grey) to keep the focus on the baby.
    Baby will be naked for some of the images. This is the one time in their life it is ok to be photographed nude. Wraps, blankets, and diaper covers can be used on the baby. Keeping everyone else in neutral colors will keep the focus on the baby when they are swaddled in a colorful wrap. We do not recommend using newborn outfits because they tend to be too big and cover their face when parents hold them. However, if grandma made a special outfit, let’s take a few shots! 

    We Love Light!
    Natural light is the most flattering. Before we arrive, please have all your curtains and blinds open. Once we arrive we will do a quick walk-through of your home looking for the best natural light for us to set up our mini studio. Sometimes the best location is in the kitchen or by a deck door; usually wherever there is a large window.

    Babies Love Heat! 
    It is recommended that you keep your home a little warmer than usual for the session. Newborns are used to being in 98.6-degree temp of your womb. We want them to be comfortable when we get those cute naked baby shots. Heat also helps them sleep better. We will be hot, but the baby will love it.

    Prepping Baby 
    About 30 minutes before the session, please loosen up your baby’s diaper. This allows the little imprint marks time to disappear. Your baby will be naked in some of the shots, so we want the red marks to go away. 
    Because we want the baby sleepy for the session. We recommend that you try to keep your baby awake for a while before the session. Trust us, it will be worth it! 
    We love “milk drunk” babies! Please feed and burp the baby right before the session to ensure babily is happy and sleepy. We may ask you to nurse (or feed) the baby during our session if they start to get cranky. 
    Gather all the props you would like to use during the session. 


    Silence is Golden! During the session, we need to have the house/location quiet to keep the baby asleep. If you have other children that might create noise, try to find a sitter that can take them from home for a few hours. If you have a pet, you may want to do the same. We will create white noise while we are there. If you plan to have children a part of the session, we recommend bringing them in the beginning or end of the session and then have someone take them. Only those being photographed should be at the session. 
    Relax! We are comfortable working with newborns. The baby may get fussy, but we will get great shots; sometimes it just takes time to calm down the little bundle of joy. We let the baby take the lead. Sometimes the baby will need to eat, get a new diaper and just need to cuddle with mama. Babies know when the parents are stressed, so keeping the environment mellow and calm helps to keep the baby calm. 
    Shit happens! Literally! Because the baby will be naked we may see them use the blankets as a diaper. It is ok. We clean up and move on. There is no need to feel embarrassed.

    Safety Dance
    Your baby is in safe hands. If there is ever a point during the session where you become uncomfortable, please let us know. We will not put the baby in unsafe positions, even if the parent wants to get a specific pose! If we feel it is unsafe, we will not proceed. The baby’s safety comes first. 

    To summarize, here is a short checklist: 
    • Schedule your session by your 2nd trimester for 5 to 7 days after your due date
    • The session should be held before the baby is 14 days old (best is 4-7 days old)
    • Select a location
    • Determine where you want to display images
    • Pick out props & outfits
    • Heat up the room and allow natural light to shine
    • Feed baby before session and loosen up diaper
    • Gather towels, wipes, blankets
    • Planning with me!

    Looking forward to meeting this beautiful baby!

  • "It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter, that's why we don’t shoot what it looks like. We Shoot what it feels like."



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